Blairgowrie : A Suburb On The Rise

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Many, many people are clammering to get into the Blairgowrie area. Why?

It's interesting, prospective Buyers are often shocked when they walk into a show day and hear the Asking Price of a property. If they know the area then they understand why. It's those who don't know the area who are surprised.

Blairgowrie was established in the 60's and 70's. It was a muddy hill. Then a few well-known residential developers started placing "little boxes on the hillside" and it wasn't a pretty site. If you drove down from Hyde Park you would just see rows of middle-class houses sitting on a dusty hill. (One Seller recalls that there were no tarred roads and if your guests got stuck in the mud at a party at their house, the local city Councillor had a 4X4 and was often asked to come and fetch guests and take them home!!

Roads were layed, trees were planted, shopping centres sprung up and by the 80's it was a family suburb with approximately 2700 homes (3000 including Pine Park) and it remains the largest suburb in Johannesburg under one name. It became and stayed an area that just existed with no real esteem or recognition (except for the people living here, who loved the feel of the suburb.

So what has changed Blairgowrie from that almost forgotten suburb to one that is now growing, thriving and so sought-after? There are several factors that stand out:

  1. People are moving from the western and southern suburbs to be closer to the developing hubs of Sandton, Rosebank, Cresta etc. for work. There will always be traffic but some people spend over and hour just getting to Blairgowrie. But why Blairgowrie?
  2. It appears that Blairgowrie is one of the closest suburbs to Sandton and Rosebank without the higher City Rates and Taxes that exist in more affluent suburbs just on the other side of the Braamfontein Spruit;. But what makes this suburb more than just saving
  3. But what makes this suburb more than just paying less in Rates?
    1. There is a tremendous community Spirit fostered by the residents who are the Blairgowrie Community Association (Main Committee and subcomms,website, facebook page, street captains and street WhatsApp groups). All of this translates into residents being aware and active which, in turn, has an effect on the tremendous reduction in serious crimes compared to 10-12 years ago.
    2. The suburb has been driving this for a long ten years and we are seeing some tremendous results: raising the suburbs profile out of obscurity, a wonderful demographic mix, young families moving in bringing new life, fantastic business investement (derelict buildings have been revamped and Centres are being upgraded, new restaurants etc. (PS: we have Patisserie de Paris in Blairgowrie and it's, officialy, the best French Bakery and Deli in Johannesburg).
  4. It's a Buyers' Market - get into Blairgowrie whilst you still can. Here comes "Parkhurst ii" folks.

Author: Jed Kemery

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