How being Involved in your Community Increases the Value of Your Home

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The value one ones homes (or even property portfolio) is often only associated with or linked to a number of factors seemingly unrelated to "US" - the economy, market and stock exchanges fluctuations, socio-political influence etc.

WE forget that WE can influence the value of our homes / properties DIRECTLY by doing things WE CAN DO.

This is exactly where Neighbourhood Real Estate has its roots and why we started an Estate Agency built out of and from the love of being involved with our communities. We got involved and gave back!!

In Blairgowrie, for example, one of the Community Association's Values is "D.O.T. - Do One Thing." This encourages residents and business owners to, literally, Do one Thing within in their immediate surroundings or wherever they may choose to be involved. Examples are anything from picking up litter on their own pavements, educating themselves on how to effectively report faults (potholes, street lights not working etc.) or getting more actively involvement in the activities of their Community Association.

It's rather obvious where such an approach leads to:

= a better environment and surrounding

= a happier, healthier state of mind

= potentially better relationships with your neighbours

= a collective increased sense of awareness of Community Action, Civic Duty, Rights and Responsibilities

= a positive response to the Call To Action.

Together, these factors influence the overall improvement and raising the profile of a suburb whilst promoting increased awareness of and possible investment in the area which leads to the gradual INCREASE IN PROPERTY VALUES.

All credit where it's due to those Government / City initiatives that are working and effective, yet in South Africa we happen to be in a time and place where Communities play such an incredible role in self-governance and area improvement.

JFK said it best when he called the American people to action.

We ask you - WHAT ONE THING will you do this coming year to make a difference in your Community and, ultimately, IMPROVE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME?

Author: Jed Kemery

Submitted 19 Dec 18 / Views 1251